Basic MODAPTS® Training & Certification

MODAPTS® is an easy, accurate, and effective method to measure productivity. A tool for analyzing human work, MODAPTS® helps you determine reasonable expectations for the time required to complete a defined task by a typical operator. While the accuracy of the MODAPTS® system is comparable to most other systems in its class, MODAPTS® is less complex and easier to understand.

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We offer training and certification around the world at various locations.

Live Virtual Training & Certification

Do you or your team want a live learning experience online? Eisbrenner Productivity Group has the solution for you! With a LIVE virtual MODAPTS® Training and Certification class, Ed will customize his course as he would on-site, only he will deliver it online. You and your team can log in from anywhere with an instruction customized to benefit your team. 

Distance Productivity Consult

Eisbrenner Productivity Group’s clients enjoy distance consulting. Share your videos with Ed via secure means so that he can analyze the work performed. Improve productivity and ergonomics in no time with a MODAPTS® Analysis from EPG! Fast turnaround times and expert advice from Ed Eisbrenner at EPG.

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