Have you ever asked yourself:


• Are there opportunities for Waste Reduction and Process Improvements?

• Have you ever wondered how accurate your labor standards really are?

• How utilized are you operators?

MODAPTS® is easy to explain and employs a small number of values, a review of standards by interested parties is simple and the possibility of controversy is reduced. MODAPTS® analyzes motion patterns; it is based on human physiology.


Who Should Attend?

Plant and factory managers, engineers, consultants directors, logistics, coordinators, ergonomists, and college students seeking engineering, HR or management degrees, and more. 

Basic MODAPTS® Certification Course August 19-22, 2019


This interactive training course will provide the opportunity to become fluent in the predetermined work measurement, ergonomic analysis system MODAPTS.® What is MODAPTS®? MODAPTS® is formed from MODular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards. Similar to other predetermined motion time systems, (PMTS), such as MTM or MOST, MODAPTS® is fundamentally a tool for analyzing human work to determine reasonable expectations for the time to complete a defined task by a normal operator without the use of a stopwatch.  The accuracy of the system has been found comparable to most other such systems that can be applied to production activities, non-cyclic work environments, and ergonomic management. Plus, no royal or license fees required like MOST & MTM.

The training is given by a Professional Certified MODAPTS® Instructor through the International MODAPTS® Association. At the conclusion of the training, a Practitioner Certification Examination will be administered. This provides the opportunity to obtain certification required by the U.S. Department of Labor for utilization of MODAPTS®.


Grand Rapids, Michigan
Call for details: (440) 225-9293

Course Notes:

The effective implementation of MODAPTS® is enhanced when two or more individuals from an organization or department participate in the training. Commitment from management is necessary for effective implementation and utilization of the MODAPTS® system.


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