A tool for analyzing human work, MODAPTS® helps you determine reasonable expectations for the time required to complete a defined task by a typical operator. While the accuracy of the MODAPTS® system is comparable to most other systems in its class, MODAPTS® is less complex and easier to understand.

The name “MODAPTS®” is derived from MODular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards. As a third-generation predetermined time system, MODAPTS® is used for:

  • Calculating reliable production standards
  • Improving an organization’s productivity
  • Improving employee relations

MODAPTS® can be used manually or with the aid of a desktop computer using TaskMaster 2020 Software, due for release in October 2013.

MODAPTS® Elements

MODAPTS® time estimates are based on a unit of work called a MOD, which measures the time required to complete any body movement. A MOD is measured in decimal time, and each MOD is equal to 0.129 seconds (or 0.00215 minutes); there are 7.75 MODs in a second. Each movement is identified by a two-character code comprised of a letter, followed by a number. The letter represents a basic movement, such as R for Read, W for Walk, or G for Grasp. Typical manufacturing processes include only 18 basic movements. The number that follows the letter is the number of MODs required to complete the movement. For example, “W5” means 5 MODs to walk one step, and “G4” means 4 MODs to grasp an object with both hands. The simplicity of data is the primary reason for MODAPTS® wide adoption.

Motions Sequence

What makes MODAPTS® a superior system is its Coding Procedure. That is, the type of activity is followed by the time complete the activity.

MODAPTS® Coding:

  • Is a form of shorthand
  • Will enable you to describe complex operations in a simplistic written code
  • Can be easily understood by other MODAPTS® practitioners

Here is an example of how a Motion Sequence might written:

M2P0 = 2 MODS Here the M = Movement, 2 the use of the wrist, P = Put to Destination

MOVES intervene between the Get Control and the Put to Destination, and also precede the Get Control activity, where the fingers/hands are moved to the appropriately close enough position to effect the control.

MODAPTS® History

MODAPTS® was developed by Mr. G. Chris Heyde of Heyde Dynamics, Pty. Ltd., 36 Moore Street, Lane Cove, in NSW 2066 Australia. The copyright for MODAPTS® was assigned to the International MODAPTS® Association in 1990.

Methods-Time Measurement (MTM-1, MTM-2)

Unlike the MTM and MOST standards, MODAPTS® uses a MOD as its basic unit of measurement (1 MOD = 0.129 seconds). However, like Basic-MOST, MODAPTS® uses a coding technique that consists of a letter and an integer (all but the number “1”), where the integer represents MODS that can be easily added to determine a coded task’s time.

The original MODAPTS® data was developed by Mr. G. C. “Chris” Heyde. He originally learned the MTM-1 and MTM-2 methods in the 1950s, but he wanted to develop a new technique that was simpler to use and apply. Heyde wanted a system that was easy to memorize and contained only whole integer time values. During MODAPTS® system development, Mr. Heyde tested every conceivable method of presenting predetermined time data for ease of use, ease of learning, and consistency of results.

In 1966, MODAPTS® Predetermined Time System was introduced. The system received immediate acceptance, and today ranks among the most popular in the world.

Why Choose MODAPTS® for Setting Work Standards?

The average supervisor can use MODAPTS® to calculate standards, and the average employee can understand MODAPTS® concepts.

Unlike other PDTS systems that concentrate on analyzing activities based on the movement of objects, MODAPTS® is based upon the body part moved to complete a task.

MODAPTS® means:

  • Easy to learn and apply
  • No stopwatch required
  • No performance rating
  • Methods analysis sensitive
  • Ergonomically sensitive
  • Inexpensive, with no royalty fees
  • Easy-to-understandable production standard

MODAPTS® is embraced by workers, managers, and unions. In addition to being recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor as a preferred system for developing fair work standards for rehabilitation facilities, MODAPTS® complies with MIL-STD 1567A—specifications developed by the Department of Defense for work measurement programs for defense contractors.

MODAPTS® Benefits & Results

The MODAPTS® work measurement is compatible with other work management and productivity tools such as Lean Manufacturing, JIT (Just In Time) System and Six Sigma. MODAPTS® is a base analysis tool, producing time- and movement-based studies that can be applied to any additional work study.

Benefits of MODAPTS® include:

  • Easy to use and quick application for
    • Contract bidding
    • Direct labor cost estimating
    • Quality control
    • Safety analysis
    • Establishing productivity standards for work stations and manufacturing processes
    • Ergonomics
    • Work study management
  • Rapid derivation of objective standards
  • Increased utilization of work management personnel
  • Work task analysis regarding people and their capacities
  • Accuracy and consistency in costing (+/-5% at the 95% confidence level of the true mean)
  • Improved communication and productivity, promoting closer teamwork
  • Quick determination of rates and plant/department capacity
  • Data and analysis for human systems integration
  • Building stronger working relationships by defining job tasks and expectations
  • Using the ergonomic factors built into the MODAPTS® system to identify physically stressful work so that it can be reduced or eliminated—helping to reduce work-related injuries and cumulative trauma

Why Does MODAPTS® Work?

Simplicity and accuracy. Because MODAPTS® is easy to explain and employs a small number of values, interested parties can review standards quickly and easily, and the possibility of controversy is greatly reduced. MODAPTS® analyses motion patterns and subjective operator ratings, and its MOD-based system is accurate and easy to interpret.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MODAPTS® a recognized system?

Since 1966, MODAPTS® has been accepted around the world as a valid and useful predetermined time system. MODAPTS® is widely used in the USSR, Japan, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and the United States. This worldwide usage is a tribute to its simplicity, logic, effectiveness, low cost, and diversity of application for setting work standards.

Can I measure worker performance skills using MODAPTS®?

Price Waterhouse tested MODAPTS® in several industrial situations to compare it with existing predetermined time systems, including stopwatch time study. The results of this two-year study indicate that MODAPTS® ’ accuracy is comparable to other systems such as MTM, MSD, and Work Factor, and the average employee can understand MODAPTS® concepts.

Is MODAPTS® easy to use?

Yes. No stopwatch or operator performance rating is required with MODAPTS® . The average supervisor can use MODAPTS® to calculate labor standards, and the average employee can understand MODAPTS® concepts.