MODAPTS® Certification Online • MODAPTS® Online Course

Earn your MODAPTS® Certification online with the MODAPTS® Online Course. This comprehensive MODAPTS® course is designed as a 28-hour class that includes 5 modules. The course includes interactive exercises and video examples designed to introduce you to the principles and rules of the MODAPTS® system. Some people have successfully completed the training in less than 28 hours, while others have required more time. Each individual can take the necessary time to complete all 5 modules, (usually 20 days is more than engough time).

This 28-hour class includes numerous exercises that reinforce the MODAPTS® concepts, rules and recommendations. Large companies, smaller businesses, and anyone interested in consistently setting reliable work standards for manually controlled tasks can benefit from learning and using the MODAPTS® system.

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During This Course You Will Learn:

  • The basics of the MODAPTS® system
  • How MODAPTS® reduces the time needed to analyze work
  • How to apply MODAPTS® in a fraction of the time required to perform traditional work measurement time studies or to use other predetermined motion time systems
  • How MODAPTS® is used as a rebalancing tool
  • Practice doing MODAPTS analysis
  • How to use MODAPTS® as an Ergonomic risk reduction tool

Who Will Benefit From Taking a MODAPTS® Class?

New and experienced workers, managers and organizational leaders across various industries can benefit from learning how to use MODAPTS® to develop and measure competitive work standards. Using MODAPTS®, organizations can employ a consistent method of determining a “fair day’s work.”

  • Any engineering college student
  • Assembly Engineer
  • Consultant
  • Continuous Improvement Associate
  • Director of Engineering
  • Direct of Operations
  • Engineering Manager
  • Engineering Technician
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Lean Coordinator
  • Lean Six Sigma Coordinator
  • Logistics Planner
  • Manager-Advisory Services-Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Operations Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Plant Ergonomist
  • Process Improvement Analyst
  • Process Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Professor
  • Quality Technician
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Six Sigma Coordinator
  • Staff Engineer
  • Standards Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Tool Engineer
  • Work Standards Engineer

After Completing This Course You Can Expect To:

  • Be fluent in the language and use of the MODAPTS® work measurement system
  • Conduct a detailed job analysis applying the MODAPTS® method for setting work standards
  • Analyze and improve existing work methods using MODAPTS®
  • Improve the ergonomics and productivity of work tasks

What You Get Upon Completion

  • A suitable for framing MODAPTS® Practitioner Certificate issued by the International MODAPTS® Association
  • Wallet-size MODAPTS® membership/certification card
  • Entitlement to a free one-year membership in the International MODAPTS® Association
  • MODAPTS® online newsletter