Agile Manufacturing Automotive Industry

Automotive Applications of MODAPTS®

MODAPTS® is widely used in Ford Motor Company plants. A Baylor University glossary of management terms observes that Ford engineers, managers and union members work together to achieve a competitive product through improved quality and productivity. As a predetermined time system, MODAPTS® contributes to this effort by evaluating competing methods and setting widely accepted time standards.

Measuring work in today’s world requires production flow analysis. MODAPTS® is often used in high product-mix jobs to supply various work measurement techniques that help automotive manufacturers achieve the most efficient operations.

The EPG Basic MODAPTS® Practitioner Certification Training course describes how to measure work and improve production flow in any assembly operation facility.


Reliable Standards

Standards of all kinds—such as time standards and work standards—provide critical information that apply to all kinds of work, including manufacturing, assembly, clerical, planning and control. The fundamental reason for accurate standards is to satisfy management’s need to understand and to predict product costs with confidence. As more organizations trust work standards to manage their business operations, EPG believes the MODAPTS® work measurement system is the most practical system available today.


Source America is a U.S. non-profit agency that supports a network of community-based non-profit agencies providing employment opportunities for people who are severely disabled. Source America was founded by the federal government to assist organizations like:

  • Goodwill Industries International
  • National Easter Seals Society
  • The American Congress of Community Support and Employment Services
  • The Arc of the United States
  • United Cerebral Palsy
  • International Association of Jewish Vocational Services

Source America accomplishes its goal by securing federal contracts through the AbilityOne Program. More than 500 participating organizations employ these individuals and provide quality goods and services to the federal government. Accurately measured worker productivity is a primary concern for these contracts. Using the MODAPTS® work measurement system, the EPG can assist with Basic MODAPTS training and certification, technical assistance, and process/productivity improvement.



MODSEW® evolved from the observation that certain motion patterns in sewing occurred repeatedly. As a first step, these motion patterns were coded using the MODAPTS® predetermined time system. Then, these codes were collected into a table or “Modules” for ease of use. The result is MODSEW®—tables of time values representing universal motion patterns of qualified, thoroughly experience sewing operators.

The 57 modules included in MODSEW® represent the bulk of all activity performed while sewing, such as picking up plies, folding in preparation to sew, aligning, straightening, cutting, setting aside garments, bundle handling, and more. A special Sewing Module calculates machine time based on the length of the sew burst, machine RPM, acceleration/deceleration, etc. The Sewing Module also calculates thread consumption based on the Union Special thread consumption calculations. MODSEW® modules provide time values for approximately 87% of all motion patterns found in the sewn-products industry.

MODSEW® is owned and distributed by Byte Software, LLC of Mauldin, South Carolina. For more information, please contact