Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace manufacturers responsible for building, designing, testing, selling, and maintaining aircraft parts, aircraft, spacecraft, rockets, and missiles benefit from MODAPTS®. Because MODAPTS® is easy to understand and simple to use it can simplify technical production to improve cycle times and ergonomics in a way that most managers can comprehend and apply to their work environment.

Appliance Manufacturing

Appliances are needed in day-to-day life from refrigerators to washing machines every household depends on quality units. The modern demand faces many challenges as the pandemic rages on. Supply and labor shortages pose additional challenges to an already strained production line. The last thing your production needs is a complex solution. Because MODAPTS® is well known for its ease of application, it is used in over 40 countries world wide.

Apparel Manufacturing

The demand for apparel in the continuously changing fashion world face new challenges in a post pandemic world. The MODAPTS® System is a reliable tool to determine where to eliminate waste and improve cycle times. Consistent with lean objectives, MODAPTS® improves productivity while promoting safer labor movements.

Automotive Manufacturing

From stamping raw materials to assembly of detailed components, there is a need to ensure everything is produced safely, correctly, and in a timely manner. MODAPTS® is trusted by Ford Motor and other automotive manufacturing leaders for its reliable standards and ease of application.

Claims Processing – Health Insurance

Labor efficiency is vital to any industry. MODAPTS® offers a unique, simple, and reliable work measurement system to improve cycle times for claims processing. In a healthcare setting, MODAPTS® analyzes human work and to establish realistic standards for data input in addition to finding solutions to improve efficiency.

Food Processing

Any raw foods that are made into food products and are eatable for human consumption, cooking, or storage. This could be from a factory processing meat to a factory that produces canned goods. Often recognized as one of the most dangerous industries to work in, MODAPTS® is easy and fast to implement to improve safety and production standards in a food processing setting.

Logistics & Warehousing

In the world we live in today you can expect most of the items we purchase at one point have been stored in a warehouse or on a truck rolling down the highway somewhere around the world, before being shipped to your home or work! As long as your production team is working as efficiently as possible, orders can be processed and shipped without disrupting or slowing down the supply chain.

Worldwide, is renowned for its ease of application and low cost when compared to predetermined work measurement systems.

Pharmaceutical Supplies

Around the world, the pharmaceutical and medical supply industry is a high-skill production operation. MODAPTS® is a tool for analyzing human work in a variety of settings. Its ease of application simplifies processes to improve cycle times without sacrificing safety or quality.