Ed Eisbrenner enjoys being an IMA Certified instructor, especially when his work takes him to sunny Florida! Ed is excited to attend the Spring 2024 IMA Training Conference as an IMA Certified Instructor this April. He is passionate about teaching people so that they can improve productivity and ergonomics in their business environments.

Eisbrenner Productivity Group has traveled to teach MODAPTS® to companies around the world. Ed is an industry leader with a visible passion for what he does. His knowledge and experience have enabled him to help others reach their potential as productivity specialists. He is well-known for his unique approach to teaching MODAPTS®, which involves a combination of hands-on instruction and PowerPoint presentations.

Ed’s students have said that he is an effective communicator who can break down complex topics into easily understandable concepts. He spends time ensuring that everyone understands the principles behind what they are learning so that they can apply it in real-life situations. With Ed, there is an emphasis on practical application rather than theory because it helps ensure that those attending his classes can get the most from their training.

Overall, Ed Eisbrenner is an IMA Certified Instructor whose goal is to get more companies to invest in MODAPTS® Certifications. MODAPTS® is consistent with LEAN objectives and more affordable than comparable systems. He is excited to use his knowledge and experience to help equip others with the skills they need to improve their business environment. He looks forward to seeing you at the IMA Training Conference in April 2024!