Ed Eisbrenner presented at the 27th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference March 28th in Louisville, KY with his associate Allision Stephens CPE, CCPE and professor of Ergonomics at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, Canada on how the MODAPTS coding from a time study can be used to generate a wide range of data useful in ergonomics evaluation of assembly line processes as well as material handling activities, including, Energy Expenditure and Physical Work Capacity, K-cals expended per individual element, or per minute, or per hour, Heat Stress management needs Metabolic estimates analysis, and Physical Demand Analysis.

The 27th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference served as a vibrant convergence of minds, ideas, and innovations within the ergonomics community. Attendees were treated to a rich array of workshops and engagements, with the dynamic Exhibit Hall providing a platform for the showcase of cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Notably, the conference drew participants from diverse corners of the globe, including Germany, Sweden, England, and Mexico, underscoring the international reach and significance of the event.

Looking ahead, anticipation is high for the upcoming 28th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference scheduled for March 17-20, 2025, in Orlando, Florida. As the legacy of this esteemed gathering continues, it promises to be another invaluable opportunity for professionals to collaborate, learn, and drive further advancements in the field of ergonomics.