Ed Eisbrenner returned to Rivian this past week to help more employees obtain their MODAPTS® Certifications. Rivian is an innovative car manufacturer that believes in making better vehicles for the planet. Ed is eager to help more people earn their MODAPTS® certifications and apply these practices to improve productivity in the automotive industry.
Eisbrenner Productivity Group enjoys watching Rivian build on its success in creating greener, more efficient cars that reduce emissions and create a cleaner future for all.

Improve Productivity with a MODAPTS® Certification

Ed Eisbrenner, or Eisbrenner Productivity Group, is passionate about giving back and helping others learn new skills. Connect with Ed via LinkedIn to engage with more MODAPTS® driven content. Go ahead and ask questions about MODAPTS®; Ed is happy to answer.
Ed believes that investing in MODAPTS® certifications will help companies stay on top of their game and maximize efficiency while reducing costs. With more employers recognizing the importance of productivity, Ed is excited to continue to work as a MODAPTS® instructor globally.

On-Site MODAPTS® Certifications

When you have multiple employees interested in obtaining their MODAPTS® Certifications, it may make sense for an on-site MODAPTS® Certification. Ed Eisbrenner, founder of Eisbrenner Productivity Group, will conduct The MODAPTS® Course and administer the test for certification.

Earn your MODAPTS® Certificate and start to improve productivity with the Eisbrenner Productivity Group. Contact Ed today!

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