Ed Eisbrenner, founder of Eisbrenner Productivity Group, traveled to sunny Florida to instruct and enjoy the International MODAPTS® Association’s MODAPTS® 2023 Training Conference. The Practitioner Training Class was well-attended, as was the rest of the conference.
There we several classes available at the conference including:

  • Problematic Coding
  • Block Data
  • Work Study/Methods Engineering
  • Master Black Belt
  • Large and Heavy Objects
  • Clerical Data
  • Conducting Studies
  • Ergonomics
  • Automotives Applications

All of these classes worked together, and attendees have a slew of new and improved tools to take to the workplace to improve productivity, efficiency, and ergonomics.

Looking to Become MODAPTS® Certified?

MODAPTS® is the Language of Work that is beneficial in most work environments. We typically use MODAPTS® for a variety of manufacturing operations including: aerospace, apparel, and automotive. MODAPTS® is also beneficial to claims processing (health insurance), food processing, logistics and warehousing, and pharmaceutical supplies. If you are looking for an easy-to-use and implement system to improve productivity, MODAPTS® may be right for you.