Ed Eisbrenner, founder of Eisbrenner Productivity Group, spent time at Rivian last week to help associates earn their MODAPTS® Certification.

Rivian is an American electric vehicle manufacturer. They make electric sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks. Geared toward people who like to spend time off-road and outdoors, Rivian builds an impressive vehicle.

Costing is the ultimate measurement system because it drives pricing, product development, and investment. Automotive manufacturers benefit from the MODAPTS® system because it gives manufactures a better way to understand labor’s impact on cost. While preserving the dignity of work, and justify change with accurate measurements.

Improving ergonomics is of great benefit to employees and employers. Designing ergonomically correct workstations increases worker performance and help to improve safety.

Measured work translates to more efficient work. Using our unique work measurement-training tool, we can help your company focus on productivity by improving ergonomics, removing waste in the process and efficiency. MODAPTS® is easy to learn and with the help of Eisbrenner Productivity Group, easier to implement in your work environment than other predetermined time systems in its class.

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