Ed Eisbrenner, founder of Eisbrenner Productivity Group, collaborated with Rivian this April, helping associates obtain their MODAPTS® Certification.

Rivian is an American electric vehicle manufacturer of electric sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks. Tailored for adventurous souls who relish off-road escapades and outdoor adventures, Rivian builds an impressive vehicle.

In the realm of automotive manufacturing, costing is the ultimate measurement system. It drives pricing strategies, product evolution, and investment decisions. The MODAPTS® system emerges as a powerful tool for manufacturers, offering a comprehensive understanding of labor’s influence on costs while upholding the integrity of workmanship and facilitating informed change through precise measurements.

Enhancing ergonomic standards produces substantial benefits for both employees and employers alike. By designing ergonomic workstations, companies not only bolster workforce performance but also safety protocols, fostering a conducive work environment.

The essence of measured work lies in its ability to optimize efficiency. Leveraging our unique work measurement-training tool, we empower companies to hone their productivity by refining ergonomic standards, removing waste, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. MODAPTS® is easy to learn and with the help of Eisbrenner Productivity Group, easier to implement in your work environment than other predetermined time systems in its class.

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