LIVE Virtual MODAPTS® Certification


Ed will present MODAPTS® Training. The cost of the course includes the instruction, training manual, and complete certification (as long as you pass the final exam).



Ed will present MODAPTS® Training. During This Course You Will Learn:

  • The basics of the MODAPTS® system
  • How MODAPTS® reduces the time needed to analyze work
  • How to apply MODAPTS® in a fraction of the time required to perform traditional work measurement time studies or to use other predetermined motion time systems
  • How MODAPTS® is used as a rebalancing tool
  • Practice doing MODAPTS analysis
  • How to use MODAPTS® as an Ergonomic risk reduction tool

Additional information

Date & Language

Oct 21,22, 25: English, Dec 30 – Jan 3: English and Russian


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