On Site MODAPTS® Certification


Utilize this feature if you have been instructed to do so after speaking with Eisbrenner Productivity Group. EPG will travel to your business or off-site location to instruct and certify your employees. The cost of this product is per person (attendee). You will also be responsible for travel expenses, agreed upon prior to the dates.

Course includes a hardcopy of the MODAPTS® Manual.

During This Course You Will Learn:

  • The basics of the MODAPTS® system
  • How MODAPTS® reduces the time needed to analyze work
  • How to apply MODAPTS® in a fraction of the time required to perform traditional work measurement time studies or to use other predetermined motion time systems
  • How MODAPTS® is used as a rebalancing tool
  • Practice doing MODAPTS analysis
  • How to use MODAPTS® as an Ergonomic risk reduction tool

Course Highlights

Presented with skill, enthusiasm, and up-to-date materials, onsite MODAPTS® Practitioner Training classes present the principles, concepts and rules for using the MODAPTS® work measurement system. Each class is tailored to your employees’ needs. During this 3 day session, our top-notch certified instructors deliver clear and concise training methods to guarantee your employees get the results you need. To make the session more personal, we perform a work measurement analysis on one or more of your operations as part of our hands-on MODAPTS® study examples.

Course Format

The class is relevant to new IEs, as well as veteran IEs, time-study technicians, factory supervisors, and anyone who needs a primer on how to evaluate worker pace and performance and measure output without using a stopwatch. Substantial class time is spent on “fair day’s work” concepts and the performance expectations of a “normal” operator.


Automobile manufacturers, OEM suppliers, and other manufacturers have completed this program at their facilities. To generate reliable work standards, the program uses numerous video examples of actual plant scenes in fabrication and assembly operations.


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