Another successful MODAPTS® Certification on-site course. Ed visited Kansas City June 27th through June 30th to educate Piston Automotive employees about the MODAPTS® process.

MODAPTS® Onsite Training and Certification is an excellent way for companies to understand how MODAPTS® applies to their organization. As a recent student shared:

“In the past, it was difficult to track elements that were not occurring every cycle but necessary; such as visual inspection, wiping parts, etc. With MODAPTS, we can make sure that these elements are being performed and has been documented in the rates.”

MODAPTS has been instrumental in ensuring not just accuracy of rates, but it makes sure that proper methods are being following. This a huge advantage when showing Operators in the department the elemental breakdown of their jobs and how each element contributes to the overall rate. It can also be used as a training tool since Time Studies are based solely on proper Methods.

The elemental break down of methods has also allowed us to find opportunities regard ergonomic issues and process time for machines. “

– S.O., Industrial Engineer

MODAPTS® can work for your organization in many quantifiable ways. Contact Eisbrenner Productivity Group now.